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EITI implementation in Azerbaijan

A mission to Azerbaijan was recently completed. The mission took place following concerns expressed at Board meetings about the extent to which civil society representatives can play their role in the EITI. The findings of the mission will be considered by the International Board when it meets in Myanmar on 13 October. Until then, the EITI will not make any further comments. 

Azerbaijan is one of 46 countries implementing the EITI. Ensuring that natural resource benefits brings benefits to all of a country’s citizens is a fundamental aim of the EITI. The EITI exists to encourage a move from opacity in the extractive sector and works in many countries in need of reform. The active participation of civil society in the EITI process is key to ensure that the transparency created by the EITI leads to greater accountability. 

Azerbaijan EITI is working on producing its first report under the EITI Standard. The MSG met on 10 June 2014 to approve the TOR for the Independent Administrator and the reporting templates. The revised Memorandum of Understanding was also approved at the meeting.