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EITI International receives top rating from financial transparency watchdog

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is committed to financial transparency. The EITI’s International Management* has just been awarded the five-star rating for fully disclosing the sources of its funding.

The accreditation comes from transparify, an organisation that analyses and rates the financial transparency of non-profit organisations worldwide. In its category (EU countries excluding the UK), only 10 of 27 organisations were awarded the five-star rating in 2016 (p.13, 2016 Report). A five-star rating means that all donors and contributions were listed, both for overall funding and for individual projects.

Our website provides as visual overview of sources of funding as well as a link to an excel containing key financial information on revenue, expenditure and sources of funding.

As an organisation supporting countries worldwide to improve the management of extractive resources, the top award comes as a welcome recognition of our efforts on financial disclosure internally as well as internationally.

*The International Management of the EITI consists of the International Board, the Chair and the International Secretariat and is funded by governments and supporting companies.