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EITI invited Libya to follow oil transparency standard


EITI Chair Clare Short called on Libyan Prime Minister Abderrahim Al-Kib to commit Libya to implement the EITI standard.

In a letter on Tuesday she wrote that “a decision by your government to implement the EITI would create a level playing field for the oil industry in Libya”. She added that the transparent management of oil wealth was essential for “the rebuilding of your country and to ensure that all the Libyan people get the benefits to which they are entitled after years of secrecy and plunder”.

The EITI Chair recalled that some of the world’s largest oil producers such as Iraq, Norway and Nigeria now implemented the EITI, and that in October President Barack Obama had announced that the United States would also follow the standard. She confirmed that all the international oil companies now operating in Libya had already pledged their support for the EITI. 

The EITI Chair wrote at the occasion of the Libya Transparency Roundtable in Tripoli 13-14 December. The event was organised by Libyan civil society to develop recommendations for the future management of the country’s oil and gas resources, in collaboration with government and company representatives. One of the agenda items was the possibility of Libya implementing the EITI implementation. The Head of the EITI International Secretariat Jonas Moberg spoke at the meeting.

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