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<script src="//"></script><noscript>[<a href="//" target="_blank">View the story "The 22nd EITI Board Meeting " on Storify</a>]<h1>The 22nd EITI Board Meeting </h1><h2>The EITI is a coalition of governments, companies and civil society which all work together to ensure transparency of revenues from natural resources. Here is the story about the 22nd international Board Meeting held in Oslo, February 2013.</h2><p>Storified by <a href="">EITIorg</a>&middot; Tue, Feb 26 2013 07:52:13</p><div>Big @EITIorg board meeting today in Oslo. At stake: credible &amp; enforced rules; open contracting; info on beneficial ownership of concessionsGavin Hayman</div><div>Tajikistan accepted as EITI Candidate | EITI</div><div>RT @EITIorg: #Tajikistan accepted as #EITI Candidate at the 22nd board meeting today Balleny</div></noscript>