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G20 leaders express their support of participation in the EITI

In the statement from the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, the Group of 20 leaders expressed their support of the EITI. The G20 leaders see disclosure of payments and revenues as one way to strengthen support for the most vulnerable and to contribute to reducing poverty. In the Leaders' Statement, the world leaders state that they “support voluntary participation in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, which calls for regular public disclosure of payments by extractive industries to governments and reconciliation against recorded receipt of those funds by governments."

A few months earlier the leaders of the G8 confirmed their support of the EITI, and called for countries and companies to adhere to the EITI. The EITI has within the last year also been endorsed by all the regional development banks, La Francophonie and the Arab League. The EITI Endorsement sheet includes quotes from some of these supporters.