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G8 calls for countries and companies to adhere to the EITI

When the G8 leaders met in L’Aquila in Italy 8 July, they confirmed their support of the EITI, and promised to intensify G8 countries’ efforts to promote Validation by all EITI implementing countries. The G8 has expressed its support of the EITI at its summits since the G8 Summit in Evian in 2003. This year, the G8 leaders call for other developing and emerging countries and companies to adhere to the EITI.

The G8 backing of the EITI is affirmed in the G8 Leaders Declaration, which this year is titled “Responsible Leadership for a Sustainable Future” [G8 2009 website]:

35. We continue to support the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) to improve governance and reduce corruption in the extractive sector. We will intensify efforts to promote validation by all implementing countries and all companies operating in those countries. We also strongly encourage EITI candidate countries to complete implementation within their agreed timeframe and call on other developing and emerging countries and their companies to adhere to the initiative.

The G8 also launched a G8 Expert Group Report that reviewed the implementation of anti-corruption commitments [G8 2009 website]. In this first accountability report, the G8 countries account for what they have done to meet their prior commitments to the EITI and other efforts.