Invitation to the EITI Members meeting

See the list of nominees to the EITI Board for the next period.

As previously announced, the EITI Board is pleased to invite to a meeting of the EITI Members. It will be held on 22 May, at 15:30 at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Papers for this 3rd EITI Members Meeting are available here

At the EITI Members meeting, which is held in connection with the biennial EITI Global Conference, the three constituency groups within the EITI will meet to appoint the EITI Board for the next two period. The three consituency groups are countries (implementing and supporting), companies (including institutional investors) and civil society organisations. The list of the nominees can be found in paper 3-3.

Under Agenda item 2 - Chair reports on activities and plans, followed by discussion, the Chair will present the EITI Progress Report 2013, the audited accounts for 2012 and the EITI Workplan 2013.

The rules for becoming a member are set out in Article 5 of the EITI Articles of Association. A Member is a personal representative of a country (State), a company, organisation or legal entity. Each of these bodies can have one Member, expect for investors who can have a maximum of five Members. A Member must be appointed by his or her constituency along a procedure decided by that constituency. Their names will be entered in the Members register kept by the Secretariat.

Questions relating to the EITI Members meeting can be directed to Jonas Moberg, Head of the EITI Secretariat.