Invitation to EITI Members’ Meeting

Members of the EITI Association are reminded that the Board has summoned to an ordinary Members’ Meeting on 23 February at the Lima Convention Centre, Peru. Questions relating to the EITI Members meeting can be directed to Jonas Moberg, Head of the EITI Secretariat. 

The current list of registered members can be found here. Queries regarding the members list can be addressed to Leah Krogsund (  

The agenda for the 4th EITI Members meeting is available here and the papers are available here. A list of nominees for each constituency can be found here.

A Member may be represented in the EITI Member’s Meeting by written proxy. The proxy may also include specific voting instructions. A proxy must be received by Leah Krogsund ( by noon (Lima time) on 22  February 2016.

Observers are welcome to observe the meeting and should register with Leah Krogsund up until noon Lima time on Monday 22 February, subject to that they can be practically accommodated.”


The Members’ Meeting will be arranged in accordance with Articles 8 and 9 as well as the other relevant provisions of the Articles of Association.

Members who have given advance notice to the EITI Secretariat as announced on the EITI web-site, may take part in the EITI Members’ Meeting. Registration of  Members entitled to participate will take place at the entrance of the conference room.

A Member may be represented by written proxy. A duly signed proxy must have been received in advance by the EITI Secretariat, and will be verified and registered together with the registration of the Members.

The quorum of a Members’ Meeting is a minimum of half of the Members, and must include at least one third of the Members from each Constituency.

The EITI Chair shall act as chair for the EITI Members’ Meeting.

The EITI Members’ Meeting shall make every effort to adopt resolutions by consensus. The EITI Chair will ask the members if they can agree a resolution by consensus.

The following is clarified with regard to the agenda item 4:3 Elect the EITI Board:

-          The Chair is elected by the Members Meeting on proposal of the EITI Board.

-           The Members, and Alternates for each Member, of the Board are elected on nominations by the Constituencies.

The EITI Members’ Meeting is the governing body of the EITI Association. The Constituencies make nominations. The Members’ Meeting elects. In line with the Articles of Association, in cases where there are uncertainties about the correctness of nominations made, it will be the Members’ Meeting that makes decisions on such matters.

From the Constituency of Countries and the Constituency of Companies, the EITI has received the number of nominations equal the number of available Board Members in accordance with Article 10 (2).

From the Constituency of Civil Society Organisations, the EITI has received one more nominations than there are Board Member seats, 6 nominations compared to 5 seats. 5 nominations for Alternates have been received. The Chair may at the outset ask if all 6 nominees wish to be candidates. If that is the case, the Members’ Meeting as EITI’s governing body will decide on the correctness of the nominations by its election of 5 Board Members out of the 6 nominees.

If the Members cannot reach consensus, the Chair may deem that a vote is required. The Chair would then announce the proposed resolution to the Members Meeting, and the votes will be casted by use of a ballot paper that will be issued. If the matter is that there are more nominated persons to the Board from a Constituency than there are Board seats, the Chair may request the Members to vote up to the same number of nominated persons to the available number of seats in accordance with Article 8 (2). Any votes that are not in accordance with this will not be valid.

Resolutions are adopted by a qualified majority requiring the support of at least one third of the votes cast by the Members representing each Constituency. The total number of votes for the Members of each Constituency shall be equal and be determined as follows:

i)  Members from the Constituency of Countries shall have one vote each; and

ii) The votes for Members from the Constituency of Companies and the Constituency of Civil Society Organisations shall be determined by dividing the total of Country votes by the number of Members of the Company and Civil Society Constituencies respectively.

iii) The EITI Chair shall announce the number of votes for each Member from the different Constituencies prior to voting.

In case of a vote on the Members to be elected among the 6 nominated persons as Board Members representing the Constituency of Civil Society Organisations, the 5 nominees that receive a qualified majority of votes of the all Members in accordance with the above voting rule, will be those elected.


A report from the Publish What You Pay (PWYP) nominations selection committee is available here.

The procedure for the implementing country consituency elections is available here, and the results are available here.


Follow this link to more information about the EITI Members’ Meeting 2016.