Invitation to tender: Production of EITI video series for EITI website and EITI Global Conference

1 Background to the EITI

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) sets a global standard for transparency in the extractive industries. It supports improved governance in resource-rich countries through the verification and full publication of company payments and government revenues from oil, gas and mining.

The EITI International Secretariat (“the Secretariat”) is responsible for turning policy decisions of the EITI Board into action, and for coordinating worldwide efforts in implementing the EITI. Its role specifically includes: outreach and advocacy, communicating and sharing lessons learned with stakeholders, managing a resource centre on revenue management and transparency, and oversight of the Validation process. The Secretariat is based in Oslo, Norway.

2 Background to the project

With this invitation to tender, the Secretariat seeks applications from suitably qualified multimedia production companies to produce a series of short videos each with a distinct focus, including a summary edition that combines the videos. The purpose of the videos is to show how improving transparency has an impact in countries that are implementing the EITI. These videos will be launched at the EITI Global Conference in Paris 2-3 March 2011. The videos will feature prominently on the EITI website ( and on the sites of other partner organisations.  They will also be used for on-going communication and promotional efforts.

The Secretariat produced a video for the latest Global Conference that took place in Doha in February 2009. This video can be viewed at

3 Service required

3.1 Requirements to deliverables

This video series should:

  • Main objective: Show how EITI has had a positive impact in compliant and implementing countries
  • Consist of a series of 3 videos, each around 2-3 minutes long.
  • In addition: an abridged edition should be produced that combines these 3 videos. This video will be shown at the EITI Global Conference.
  • The themes for the video series should be developed in close collaboration with the Secretariat. They should have a specific common format and feel, and make use of the tagline “Transparency Counts”. The Secretariat has suggested the following sub-themes for the three videos, to be further developed:
    • One about why revenue transparency is needed, and what the EITI is and does;
    • One about how EITI builds trust and improves prospects for development;
    • One about how EITI has improved the investment climate and improves relations between companies and citizens.
  • Be compatible with the visual identity of the Conference, including the tagline “Transparency Counts”. Specification of the visual identity for the Conference is available from the Secretariat on request.
  • Include subtitles (or other methods to that effect) in French that can be turned on and off. Translation of the script can be handled and costed by the Secretariat.
  • The EITI should receive ownership and right to use all source files used for the videos.

This video series can, but is not limited to:

  • Be based on a script, to be developed together with the Secretariat;
  • Audio recording of (semi-scripted) interviews with stakeholders;
  • Use live video interviews of EITI stakeholders in countries.
  • Visuals might include:

The production company will have the possibility to interview EITI National Coordinators from the 31 EITI countries at a meeting of the EITI National Coordinators 8-10 November, which is scheduled to take place in Brussels. There will also be opportunities to interview other key stakeholders including the EITI Chair, Secretariat, and key supporters.

3.2 Timing

The proposal will include a detailed timeline that can deviate from the below timeline as long as the final deadline is met and the number of points of consultation is equal or higher:

  • Following consultation with the Secretariat, a concept note and timed work plan will to be sent to the Secretariat by 11 October.
  • A first draft of the script will be sent to the Secretariat by 25 October.
  • A first draft of the video series should be in the hands of the Secretariat by 10 December.
  • The production should be completed by 20 January 2011. The Secretariat and the Reference Group are to be consulted during the production.
  • The deadline for the final product is 5 February 2011.

4 Tender requirements

Tender responses should provide the information set out in the following paragraphs:

4.1 Capacity

  1. The professional experience and expertise within your organisation relevant to the project.
  2. The nature of your organisation. If the tender is submitted on behalf of a consortium, list the members of the consortium and identify the lead member and a point of contact.
  3. The size of your organisation and its current turnover. Where the tenderer is a consortium, this information is required for each member.
  4. Details or CVs of your staff who will undertake the work, and links and references to examples of relevant past work that they have produced.
  5. Any other details about your organisation you feel may be relevant.

4.2 Project plan

  1. How you will work closely with the Secretariat to create the videos, including developing the themes and the scripts.
  2. A concept note, synopsis, or mock-up of one or more of the videos.
  3. The timescale to complete the project.
  4. In the event that the tenderer is unable to meet any of the requirements to the deliverables as set out above, this needs to be explained.

4.3 Pricing structure

The Secretariat wishes to agree a fixed price for the work outlined. It will pay no more than 35,000 EUR in total.

The Secretariat’s preference is to pay for the work on completion. If tenderers seek payment by instalments, then the Secretariat will expect to see such payments associated with the delivery of identifiable products or the achievement of clearly defined milestones. Tenderers should indicate how this requirement will be met.

5 Further information

Information about the EITI can be found on the EITI website at

Further information relating to this invitation to tender can be obtained from Anders Tunold Kråkenes, e-mail Answers to specific queries and advice will be circulated to all prospective tenderers.

6 Procedure for tender selection

Tenders must be sent in pdf-format to by Monday 27 September 2010 12:00pm CEST. The subject line should include the words “TENDER FOR EITI VIDEOS”. If you have not received a confirmation email of receipt within 24 hours from sending the email, please call +47 46662888.

The EITI Secretariat may invite one or more tenderers to an interview to further explain their offer. These interviews will be held over telephone on Wednesday 29 September.

The EITI Secretariat will shortly thereafter decide which company is awarded the contract based on advice from the EITI Communications Advisory Group. All tenderers will be notified of the Secretariat’s decision no later than 1 October.

7 Selection criteria

The contract will be awarded to the production company that demonstrates the following criteria:

  • understanding of our requirements and relevance to the EITI;
  • experience of other relevant work;
  • quality of presentation;
  • value for money.