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Japan hosts conference on corporate involvement in the EITI

On 26 January the Government of Japan hosted the conference “Emerging Trends toward Responsible Natural Resource Development”.

In welcoming the 200 participants from mainly the mining and oil and gas industry, Mr Yoichi Otabe, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, said that the EITI is a central issue when discussing responsible development of natural resources.

Mr Muhamad Husen, the Indonesian Assistant Deputy Economic Minister, spoke about his country’s preparations for joining the EITI. In this context, he noted that it was significant that many extractive firms with operations in Indonesia already publicly support the EITI. Husen welcomed Sumitomo’s support of the EITI and hoped to see other large oil and gas and mining firms from Japan and Asia endorse the EITI.

The Head of the EITI International Secretariat, Jonas Moberg, welcomed the strong support for the EITI from the Government of Japan. He said: “Significant regional leadership is demonstrated by the Japanese government. As major players in the extractive industries, we welcome the growing interest in the EITI by Japanese companies and stakeholders.”

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a press release following the event [Japanese].