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Jonas Moberg to step down as the Executive Director of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

Jonas Moberg to step down as the Executive Director of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

Jonas is the first Executive Director of the EITI. He established the EITI International Secretariat in Oslo. The International Secretariat supports the implementation of the EITI across the world. Prior to the EITI, governments and companies did not regularly disclose revenues. Since its inception, USD 2.4 trillion has been disclosed by EITI countries along with other information about the governance of the whole extractives sector in over 50 countries.

Fredrik Reinfeldt, EITI Chair said:

During Jonas’s tenure, the EITI has evolved from a niche coalition discussing experience with revenue transparency in less than a dozen countries, to the global Standard for good governance in the extractive sector, now implemented by over 50 countries. To deliver that by supporting such a diverse Board and a wider network of stakeholders, on such a range of complex technical and political issues, and on such few resources, is an amazing achievement. He has been a truly exceptional leader.  

I am grateful to Jonas in so many ways.  He has supported me in my role and for a decade done the near impossible task of steering a wildly diverse Board towards consensus whilst driving it forward. It has been a monumental task of skill, diplomacy and persistence. It has during my tenure as the EITI Chair been a pleasure to work with Jonas and the team. Under Jonas’ leadership, the International Secretariat has evolved into the critically important centre of the ever growing web of EITI stakeholders.  

On announcing that he is leaving Jonas said:

“It has been an extraordinary once in a lifetime privilege to be at the core of the EITI, this unique collaborative governance effort. The EITI has become the global governance standard in the extractive sector, for all its flaws and challenges. Laws have changed, tax and royalty deals have been made public, corruption has been revealed and avoided, and above all, trust has been built - we have come a long way together. The implementation of the EITI is vastly different today compared to only a couple of years ago. In some areas, such as contract disclosure and disaggregated revenue transparency, significant progress has been made. In other areas, such as ownership disclosure, commitments have been made but we are only at the start of the journey to ensure that they are acted upon in our 51 countries and beyond. The EITI has been a critical part of, and responded to, an urgent need for an end to secrecy cultures.

The EITI and all of its stakeholders have a lot further to go to make sure that we realise the vision of truly meaningful transparency, where governments’ management of their natural resources is open, and payments and other important information is made available in an accessible and timely way. There are enormous opportunities for the EITI in the years ahead. With urgency, we have a duty to contribute towards improved governance of the world’s natural resources.” 


  • The search for Jonas successor will now begin and the position will soon be announced.
  • Jonas will in the autumn take up the position as Head of Corporate Affairs at the international commodity trading and logistics company Trafigura [link]. The EITI International Board’s meeting in June will be his last and he will be leaving later in the summer. He is recusing himself from active involvement in decision-making on any matters related to commodity trading.