Kosmos Energy announces its support of the EITI

Kosmos Energy has become the 64th extractive company to support the EITI at the international level. Kosmos Energy has issued a public statement endorsing the EITI on its website. Companies that support the EITI are part of the governance of the EITI, and show a clear commitment to transparency and the EITI process.

Founded in 2003, Kosmos Energy is a premier oil and gas exploration and production company focused on Africa and South America. The company has ongoing projects in three EITI implementing countries: Ghana, where Kosmos has made a number of hydrocarbon discoveries, including the Jubilee Oil Field, as well as Cameroon and Mauritania, where the company is actively exploring for oil and gas. Kosmos Energy also has exploration concessions in Suriname, who has indicated intent to implement the EITI.