Maersk Oil supports the EITI

The EITI is pleased to welcome Maersk Oil as the latest EITI Supporting Company.

Maersk Oil announced this week that it has decided to support the EITI as part of its transparency and anti-corruption activities. A press release issued for the occasion states that "Maersk Oil supports this initiative as it contributes towards the sustainable development of countries’ economies and the growth of civil societies, as well as encourages open dialogue between governments, citizens and companies". Further, Maersk Oil Chief Financial Officer, Kenny Murdoch says "We believe our support of the EITI will send a strong signal that we are an open company that conducts business in an equitable and upright manner."

Maersk Oil is an international oil and gas company with operated production of about 700,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day from fields in the Danish and UK North Sea, offshore Qatar and in Kazakhstan. Maersk Oil’s exploration activities are ongoing offshore UK, Denmark Norway, Angola, Brazil, the US Gulf of Mexico, Greenland and onshore Oman. Of these countries, Kazakhstan and Norway are currently implementing the EITI.