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Myanmar suspended due to political instability

The EITI Board today acknowledged the seriousness of the situation in Myanmar following the recent coup d’état. It expressed its strong concern about the safety of members of the multi-stakeholder group in the country. The Board concluded it was not possible to envisage the EITI operating under the current circumstances.

The EITI Board has consequently decided to suspend Myanmar temporarily due to political instability, in accordance with the EITI Standard, and lack of essential freedoms.

The EITI Board noted that the EITI in Myanmar has played an important role in strengthening extractive sector governance. The participation of all EITI office holders in the reform process – including government, companies and civil society – has been essential to ensure open debate and is key to translating transparency into greater accountability.

Restoring effective multi-stakeholder oversight of the EITI process and an environment where civil society is able to participate in an open debate on matters relating to extractive sector governance should be a factor in any lifting of the suspension. This would include considerations relating to adherence to the EITI civil society protocol.

The EITI Board will monitor and review the situation on a regular basis and consider if further action is necessary, including the possibility of delisting.