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Next EITI Global Conference will take place in Paris 2-3 March 2011

The EITI International Board today confirmed that the 5th EITI Global Conference will take place in Paris on 2-3 March 2011. The Conference will focus on ensuring deeper impact.  It will provide an opportunity to share experiences and learn from the innovative practices and progress in the 31 EITI implementing countries, many of which have undertaken validation in 2010.

The EITI holds a Global Conference once every two years. As the highest governing body of the EITI, the conference is the premier event in the EITI calendar. All EITI stakeholders are invited to the Conference which is a forum for discussion on EITI implementation and policy for natural resource governance and transparency. During the Global Conference, a smaller Members' Meeting with the three constituency groups will appoint the next EITI Chair and the 2011-2013 EITI Board. 

Previous Global Conferences have been held in London, Oslo and Doha. The previous global gathering in 2009 was attended by more than 500 government, industry and institutional leaders from across 80 countries attending the event, including Heads of State. 

Details will follow soon about exact venue, registration, and speakers.