Outcomes of Members' Meeting

Today the EITI Members’ Meeting met in Peru and elected a new Chair to succeed Rt Hon Clare Short. Fredrik Reinfeldt, former Swedish Prime Minister was elected.

A large number of civil society organisations including Publish What You Pay decided not to participate in the meeting. All new Board members representing civil society were nominated by Publish What You Pay. An alternative nomination had been made but was withdrawn.

The outgoing chair Clare Short said:

“It is with great honour to be succeeded by a politician like Fredrik with such standing.”

On the decision by a number of civil society organisations not to participate in the meeting:
“We encouraged them several times join the meeting. In any case, their nominees were elected.”

Clare continued:

“Some civil society organisations in the room questioned the extent to which Publish What You Pay represents all of civil society. Earlier in the day the Board had agreed to review the constituency processes, which should benefit all involved.” 

Fredrik Reinfeldt added: “I look forward to working with the new Board and with Publish What You Pay as the EITI goes forward”.


New EITI Board members list