Probe into Nigeria's oil corruption echoes NEITI's findings

A special task force, led by Nuhu Ribadu reported its findings this month.

A special task force led by Nuhu Ribadu, former anti-corruption czar, reported its findings this month. The task force was appointed by President Goodluck Jonathan following the fuel prices crisis early in 2012. Ribadu’s report draws on a number of other complementary efforts, such as Nigeria's EITI (NEITI), which also seek to address the challenges of the oil and gas sector in Nigeria.

The report highlights massive losses and weaknesses throughout the complex web of processes and transactions involved in managing the oil and gas sectors. These include problems relating to fuel subsidies, sales of crude, gas and refined products and bunkering and refined product theft. Similar to what it has been revealed in 10 years of NEITI audits, the report describes unpaid royalties and bonuses amounting to tens of billions of missing US dollars.

Nigeria EITI’s response to the report emphasises that the report vindicates the findings and importance of NEITI in promoting debate and offering solutions to these issues.  Ms Zainab Ahmed, Executive Secretary of NEITI, welcomed the publication.

NEITI is set to publish new EITI Reports covering 2009-2011. These coming NEITI reports are expected to add further data and analysis to strengthen the public debate about management of the Nigerian oil and gas sector.

For further information about EITI in Nigeria, visit the Nigeria country page.

Photo of Ms Zainab Ahmed being interviewed by BBC in October.