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Request for Expression of Interest - Administrator of the 1st and 2nd EITI reports for Afghanistan

The Government of Afghanistan has received a grant from the World Bank to support the development of the natural resources sector and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consultancy services. At this time, the MoM is seeking to identify firms and agencies to strengthening in Afghanistan; the extractive (mining, oil & gas) sector is expected to contribute a significant and growing proportion of Government revenues for country’s development. In light of this, the Government of Afghanistan has fully committed to EITI implementation to ensure that all payments and receipts in the extractive industry are made in an effective and transparent manner. To ensure that the long-term objective is achieved, the Government of Afghanistan intends to start with producing the first and second National reconciliation reports that requires the services of an independent audit firm to collect, collate and reconcile all material payments made by relevant extractive companies and revenues received by the Government in accordance with the AEITI Reporting Template for the 1387, 1388 (March 21, 2008 - March 20, 2010) and 1389 (March 21, 2010 – March 20, 2011) fiscal years respectively.

This assignment will consist of two parts which are the first and the second reconciliation reports. Some parts of this ToR for second reconciliation report will be conditional upon the findings of the first report, while most parts of the ToR from the first reconciliation will be valid.

  • The reconciler must ensure that the AEITI reporting template which has been agreed by AEITI Multi Stakeholder Group will cover all material payments and revenues occurring in the extractive industry of Afghanistan, and that companies and government agencies responsible for providing the data to the reconciler are fully aware of what is requested from them and how the form should be completed. For these purposes a set of technical guidelines have to be developed explaining in detail the reporting template and how it should be filled in. The Reconciler has to ensure all companies that signed up to AEITI and were requested by AEITI MSG and the Government to submit their data will provide the requested data in a timely manner and will use the reporting template prescribed by the AEITI Multi Stakeholder Group.
  • Applying appropriate technical expertise in further improvement of the EITI Reporting Template for further review and approval by MSG Members;
  • Liaise with industry and government agencies to collate all data on company payments and government revenues;
  • Identify any vulnerabilities within government agencies;
  • Review financial statements provided by government and companies for consistency and compliance with EITI validation criteria related to auditing to international accounting standards;
  • Finalize Afghanistan’s first and second draft EITI reconciliation reports and present them to the AEITI Multi Stakeholder Group for review and approval.

Qualifications of the Consultant: It is anticipated that the work will be carried out by an eligible, competent, independent and internationally reputable firm of auditors with at least the following qualifications:

  • Experience in preparing EITI or similar reports in extractive and financial sectors;
  • Working knowledge of legal, regulatory and fiscal legislation applicable to the extractive industries is desirable, especially in Afghanistan and other countries in the region;
  • Experience of working in the region is desirable;
  • Knowledge about Afghanistan and the institutional environment is desirable; and
  • Pashto and Dari languages capability is required

Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, general qualifications and number of key staff, and so forth). Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications
Firms and agencies will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, 6 May 2004 revised October 2006.

Interested firms and agencies may obtain further information at the address below during office hours 08:00 -16:00 hours or by email.

Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below or by email by 12th October 2011, at 16:00 hrs. Reference MoM//PMU/CT-12-4 must be quoted on all correspondence and the Expression of Interest.

Attn: Mr. Mohammad Haroon Naim,
Director of Operations,
World Bank SDNRP, Program Management Unit,
Afghanistan Geological Survey (AGS), 2nd floor, Annex Building,
Ministry of Mines
Close to Abdul Haq Circle, Macroryan 2, Kabul
Phone. +93 (0)700068 328
Email: (copied to: