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Tajikistan accepted as EITI Candidate

The country is set to start disclosing revenues from its natural resources.

The Central Asian country will now implement the global EITI standard. This will ensure more transparency of the payments to Tajikistan's government from its expanding extractives sector.

The international EITI Board approved Tajikistan's application for EITI Candidate status at its meeting in Oslo 26 February 2013.

Present at the meeting, Ruhullo Hakimov, Deputy Minister of Finance, said:

"In Tajikistan we have more than 600 mining operations extracting gold, zink, aluminum to name a few. Being transparent about our government's resources will show that we in Tajikistan are managing our resources properly which will attract investment."

Further, Timurali Avganov, Head of Budget Department, Ministry of Finance, said:

"Citizens in Tajikistan are asking all sorts of questions about our natural resources. How much are we extracting, are we getting anything back, what kind of social programmes are the companies implementing, and how can check whether these revenues being used for development. EITI creates an important playing field to discuss these questions. It is important that civil society as well as the companies and government can voice their concerns and discuss on equal terms."

As an EITI Candidate country, it has to start disclosing payments from its extractives sector, and meet all the requirements in the EITI standard within 2.5 years to become EITI Compliant.

Tajikistan's President: EITI will improve governance of our natural resources