On December 6, 2017, the National Government of Argentina, through its Minister of Energy and Mining, Juan José Aranguren, and the head of its Anticorruption Office, Laura Alonso, declared its commitment to adhere to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative International Standard (EITI).

The oil and gas sector remains the primary source of revenue for Timor-Leste, with a contribution of USD 1 billion in 2015, comprising 85% of state revenues and 48% of GDP, according to the 2015 Timor-Leste EITI Report. However, the report also highlights the steady decline in revenues through the years, from a high of USD 3.8 billion in 2012 to USD 1 billion in 2015—the lowest amount registered since 2008. The decrease from 2014 was USD 854 million or 45%.

The EITI reports of the Philippines have always served as a diagnostic tool to evaluate government systems and a platform for stakeholders to collectively agree on recommendations for reforms. The recently published PH-EITI Report for fiscal years 2015 and 2016 describes progress in levels of transparency, as well as areas where governance of the extractive sector may be improved.

Improvement in local government reporting 

Colombia and the Dominican Republic launch EITI Reports through innovative data portals and Mexico prepares to mainstream the EITI from the start.

Latin American countries are increasingly disclosing EITI data through innovative approaches that bring information on the extractive industries online in a more comprehensive, timely and user-friendly fashion.  

On 28 November, the Dominican Republic presented its first EITI Report covering 2015.

The US House Financial Services Committee yesterday voted to proceed with a bill (H.R. 4519) that would repeal Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Act.

The EITI Chair Fredrik Reinfeldt said: "I believe it would be a setback for transparency in the extractive industries if this legislation is adopted and 1504 repealed".

Kazakhstan published its 12th EITI Report in October 2017, keeping its leading position in timely reporting.  The 2016 EITI Report covers the biggest mining, oil and gas companies which account for almost 99% of the extractive revenues. The report shows that the government received USD 27 billion from the sector, constituting over one third of their revenue and more than half of the total exports in 2016. Total social payments reported by the companies amounted to USD 114 million.

21/11/2017 – EITI-Mauritania is today launching an app aimed at providing easy access to key and simplified data on Mauritania’s mining and petroleum sectors drawing from EITI reports since 2012.

This app, available in French and soon in Arabic, was developed by students from the University of Nouakchott, with support from the EITI-Mauritania national secretariat and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

It is with regret that we have received the decision from the Government of Niger announcing their withdrawal from the EITI.

The EITI Chair, Fredrik Reinfeldt, commented:

“This is an unfortunate decision, because Niger has made significant progress using the EITI to improve its mineral governance. We hope that the government of Niger will soon recommit to implement the EITI and that the EITI in the future can support further reforms to improve transparency and accountability in the sector.”

On 2 November 2017 the United States government announced that it was discontinuing EITI implementation. The EITI Chair, Fredrik Reinfeldt, issued the following statement:

“This is a disappointing, backwards step. The EITI is making important gains in global efforts to address corruption and illicit financial flows. Our work supports efforts to combat transnational crime and terrorist financing. It’s important that resource-rich countries like the United States lead by example.

The EITI world was focused in late October on South East Asia. The EITI and the Government of Indonesia hosted a two-day conference on beneficial ownership transparency on 23-24 October and the 38th EITI Board meeting was held in Manila on 25-26 October.

Opening up Ownership Conference - sharing practice, building systems

In Jakarta, the EITI held the Opening up Ownership Conference - the first global meeting of experts and policy makers on beneficial ownership transparency. EITI Chair,