Today the EITI Members’ Meeting met in Peru and elected a new Chair to succeed Rt Hon Clare Short. Fredrik Reinfeldt, former Swedish Prime Minister was elected.

A large number of civil society organisations including Publish What You Pay decided not to participate in the meeting. All new Board members representing civil society were nominated by Publish What You Pay. An alternative nomination had been made but was withdrawn.

The outgoing chair Clare Short said:

On the eve of the EITI Global Conference in Lima, the EITI welcomed its 50th and 51st implementing countries.

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Reforming data collection for improved governance

Extractive revenue reaches record high of USD 1.3 billion.

Iraq’s oil production up whilst revenue goes down.

State-owned companies retain 49% of revenues according to first MEITI report

Petroleum Fund provides cushion as oil revenues and production drop

The Government received a record USD 2 billion in 2014, despite falling commodity prices.

The recently published EITI Report shows a more resilient mining sector, characterised by increased production, employment and revenues. The USD 2 billion in government revenues in 2014 stands in stark contrast to the paltry USD 400 million that the government reported it received from the oil, gas and mining sector, when EITI implementation began in 2007.