Le Sénégal s’engage à mettre en œuvre l’ITIE

The Senegalese government has recently announced its decision to sign up to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in order to ensure that 'citizens will be able to exercise control over the use of [mineral] resources'. To be able to request EITI Candidate country status, Senegal must fulfil five 'sign up requirements' and present its candidature to the EITI international Board. The National Coalition of Civil Society Organisations for the Governance of Mineral Resources, established in October 2011 to promote transparency in the extractive industry sector, welcomed the decision of the Senegalese government. The coalition said that efficient, transparent and responsible management of Senegal's extractive sector resources had been a serious issue for Senegalese civil society for some years.

Thirty-five countries around the world are implementing EITI. The majority of them have published the revenues received from oil, mineral and gas companies in their EITI reports. For more information on the EITI process in those countries, see: http://eiti.org/countries.