How COVID-19 has impacted transparency 

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on EITI implementing countries has been profound. Resource-rich countries need to fund urgent healthcare priorities, often relying on increasingly uncertain revenues from extractive sector operations. Timely data on extractive revenues can help inform public debate so that the best use can be made of precious resources. The EITI has introduced changes to its reporting model to respond to the crisis and support countries in publishing relevant and up-to-date information.  

The EITI’s Validation model is also changing. The revised model places increased focus on the use of Validation as a tool to improve extractive sector management. 

Mark Robinson on the use of EITI data, revised reporting and Validation models
The EITI Executive Director talks about the uptake of flexible reporting, the objective of changes to the EITI Validation model and how 2021 workplans can be used to reflect current national priorities.

Flexible reporting

The EITI Board has agreed measures to provide flexibility in EITI implementation and reporting.

These measures allow implementing countries to retain the momentum of the EITI process whilst adapting to local circumstances and urgent information needs.

Transition to a revised Validation model

Validation is the EITI’s quality assurance process. It assesses performance and promotes dialogue and learning at the country level. It also safeguards the integrity of the EITI by holding implementing countries to the same global standard and by providing an impartial assessment of whether EITI implementation in a country is in line with the provisions of the EITI Standard. 

The latest evolution of the EITI’s Validation model maintains the rigorous approach adopted so far, while supporting countries in using Validation as a tool to improve extractive sector management. Changes to the model emphasise progress made by countries to meet the requirements of the EITI Standard by publishing data through government and company systems. 

Resources to support new challenges

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the International Secretariat has continued to work virtually, with regular webinars being held for implementing countries on a wide range of topics.

Partners organisations have created resources and held webinars on themes connected to the EITI’s mission. To support implementing countries, we have gathered links to the most relevant resources in one place.