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Francisco Paris

Senior Advisor – Innovation and Research

Francisco spearheads projects focused on innovative EITI reporting methods, adapting the multi-stakeholder approach to the evolving EITI Standard, and enhancing transparency and engagement at the subnational and local levels. He also monitors research on the EITI. From 2008 to 2023, Francisco led the International Secretariat’s support for the Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Prior to joining the EITI, Francisco worked in banking and consulting. He also worked in the Venezuelan public sector, as a part of the team responsible for privatising assets held by the Deposit Insurance Agency.

Francisco earned his PhD from the London School of Economics and wrote his dissertation on the Political Economy of the Management of Oil Revenues in Venezuela and PDVSA (1975-2005). His professional interests are related to political economy and natural resource management. In his spare time, Francisco enjoys listening to classical music, exercising and reading.