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Board member | Civil society organisation representative


Commission Justice et Paix, Republic of Congo

Brice Mackosso has been Permanent Secretary of the Justice and Peace Commission in Pointe-Noire from its inception in 1998, working principally on the peace and reconstruction process in Congo after the civil conflicts of 1997 -2000.

In 2000, he began campaigning for better management of Congo's oil wealth, a process which led to the Declaration of the Congolese Bishops Conference on this subject in June 2002, and the foundation of the Congolese Publish What You Pay Coalition in 2003. He is joint coordinator of the Coalition, along with Christian Mounzeo and has campaigned actively on its behalf at national, regional and international level.

Because of his courageous work in trying to promote revenue transparency and anti-corruption, he was arrested with Christian Mounzeo on trumped-up charges of misappropriation of funds in April 2006 and subsequently put on trial and condemned in December 2006 in a judicial process widely condemned for its serious violations of human rights and due process.

In July 2002 he advised the Bishops Conference of Central Africa which led to the Declaration on the role played by oil in poverty in Central Africa and he has also advised other African Church and civil society groups on campaigning on revenue transparency issue

He is a member of the national EITI Committee in Congo Brazzaville and has participated in EITI meetings at regional and international level.