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Coordinator, Research line energy and mining resources, Universidad Externado de Colombia

PhD in Political Science from SciencesPo Paris, Ana Carolina González Espinosa is lecturer at Externado University in Colombia and coordinates the research group on mining and energy resources. She has been visiting scholar at Columbia University in New York and Universidad Catolica in Peru.  

Ana Carolina has 13 years of experience in research and leading projects on the fields of transparency, citizen participation and extractive industry. She has served as consultant for the United Nations Development Program, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Transparency International – Colombia and National Resources Governance Institute.

She is member of the National EITI Committee in Colombia and founder of the Colombian coalition of social and academic organizations for extractive industries transparency (Mesa de la Sociedad Civil para la Transparencia de la Industria Extractiva).

She has published several papers on transparency and citizen participation in the extractive industry (América Latina Hoy, 2010; Palgrave Macmillan, 2013; BID, 2014; Universidad Externado, 2016), corporate social responsibility of mining and oil companies (Springer, 2014) and public policy and governance in the sector (SciencesPo Presses, 2012; Universidad Externado, 2013).

Ana Carolina González Espinosa represents the Civil society constituency at the EITI Board.