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The Rt. Hon. Clare SHORT

Chair of the Board

The Rt Hon Clare Short served as the Chair of the EITI Board between March 2011 and February 2016.

Ms Short was the UK Secretary of State for International Development (1997-2003). Ms Short was the first person to hold this position, and she played a key role in elevating the UK’s profile and budget for sustainable development and poverty elimination.  Ms Short entered the House of Commons in 1983 as the Member of Parliament for her native Birmingham Ladywood.  She was Shadow Minister for Women (1993-1995) and Shadow Secretary of State for Transport (1995-1996). She was Opposition spokesperson on Overseas Development (1996-1997).  In 2003, Ms Short resigned from her role as Secretary of State for International Development over the Iraq war.  The following year, she wrote "An Honourable Deception? New Labour, Iraq, and the Misuse of Power".  After nearly thirty years serving as a Member of Parliament, Ms Short stood down in 2010.

Since 2006, Ms Short has been a member of the Advocacy Panel of Cities Alliance, an alliance of the World Bank, UN-HABITAT, local government and development partners committed to meeting the UN target to develop cities without slums.  She is a member of the Advisory Committee of International Lawyers for Africa and a Trustee of Africa Humanitarian Action.