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Thea Garmager

Thea Garmager

OCC and Data Intern

Thea supports the Outreach and Candidature Committee (OCC) in enhancing the impact of EITI's outreach activities and assists the Data team in promoting the use of EITI data.

Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies from Oslo Metropolitan University, with her thesis focusing on failed states. She conducted a case study on Democratic Republic of the Congo, analysing the impact of China’s dominant role in the mineral extractive sector on the state’s stability. During her education she also conducted field work, and later went on exchange in Hyderabad, India, giving Thea regional competence in both Central Africa and South-Asia. 

Thea has previous internship experience as a Sustainability Intern and ESG Analyst at Freyr Battery. During her internship at Freyr, she focused on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts of lithium extraction within the value chain, particularly at the extraction level, and explored mitigation strategies. In her free time, Thea enjoys going on long walks, thrifting and learning French.