Implementing EITI for Impact: A Handbook for Policy Makers and Stakeholders

Published Date: 
November, 2012
World Bank

As the initial experiences of EITI-implementing countries were becoming evident during 2004–2007, the World Bank-EITI-MDTF program published “Implementing EITI: Applying Early Lessons from the Field,” in 2008. Supplementing the “EITI Source Book” and other EITI literature, it was designed to provide EITI practitioners and stakeholders with a practical guide to implementing EITI through examples of good-fit practices. Since then, EITI has achieved significant traction and momentum, and is now an established global standard,

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Catalysing transformative change in beneficial ownership transparency

Published Date: 
June, 2020

This paper is the result of research and a comprehensive review and interrogation of how the EITI and Open Ownership work. It has benefited from the engagement of a wide range of stakeholders from both organisations, and key global and local partners. The process included interviews with experts and government implementers of beneficial ownership transparency, both at the international and country level.