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Democratic Republic of Congo 2010 EITI Report

Democratic Republic of Congo
Country Webpage
Years Covered 2010
News item
Sectors Covered Mining, Oil, Gas
Revenue Streams Covered Host government's production entitlement
Licenses and concessions
Other significant benefits to government
Includes In-kind Payments Does not include payments made in-kind
Payments by Companies, US$ 773,021,963.00
Received by the Government, US$ 875,938,727.00
Currency United States Dollar
Exchange Rate Utilized
Disaggregations by Disaggregated by revenue stream, Disaggregated by companies
Number of Companies Reporting 58
Companies Reporting -
Publication Date January 2013
Name of the reconciler KPMG
EITI Report PDF icon Congo-DRC-2010-EITI-Report-ENG.pdf

Download the Democratic Republic of Congo 2010 EITI Report in French here

The 2010 report has 'positive' discrepancies of US$ 13,360, 092, i.e., company declarations superior to government declarations. It has 'negative' discrepancies of US$ 38,043,591, i.e., government declarations superior to company declarations. In addition, there is a negative discrepancy of US$ 77,633,233 from the 'unilateral' government declaration of the payments from the companies Frontier and Comisa which were sold in 2010 and legally not obliged to report.

On 25 January 2013, EITI DRC published the 2010 report which was adopted on 15 January 2013 in new design. The content remains unaltered. 

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