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ИПДО имеет канал YouTube, на котором Вы можете просмотреть видео по ИПДО, а также видео, охватывающие опеределенные темы, включая учебные видеоролики.


От отчетов к результатам

Февраль 2017. Видео объсняет как новые требования ИПДО по бенефициарному праву помогают в борьбе с коррупцией.

Февраль 2016. Это видео об ИПДО было представлено на 7-й Междунарощной конфренции в Лиме. Это видео охватывает ИПДО и то, как прозрачность доходов в настоящее время включает раскрытие бенефициарной собственности, а также учитывает торговлю сырьевой продукцией.


Как ИПДО включает бенефицираное право

Июнь 2016. Раскрытие бенефициарной собственности в соответствии со Стандартом ИПДО 2016.

Previous EITI videos

Seeing results from natural resources

May 2013

A country's natural resources belong to its citizens. The EITI countries are ensuring that its citizens can see how much they receive from these resources. This video is a compilation of the many videos that were produced for a video competition in 2013. This video was presented at the 6th Global Conference in Sydney.


Transparency Counts

March 2011. This video was prepared for the 5th Global Conference in Paris

Government revenues from natural resources have often been criticised for being badly managed, veiled in secrecy and fraught with corruption. Over the past decade, this picture has been changing. A coalition of 50 countries and 50 of the largest oil, gas and mining companies is now working together with civil society to improve transparency in the management of natural resources. In 33 resource-rich countries, companies and governments have committed to publish what they pay and receive, through implementing the global standard that is the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. Citizens in these countries can now find out how much their governments receive from their natural resources, and hold them to account.


Making Resources Work For People

November 2009. Prepared for the 4th Global Conference in Doha.

Lack of openness causes revenues from oil, gas and mining to disappear and leads to distrust. The EITI is an international standard for transparency in the extractive sector. It is backed by more than 40 of the largest international extractive companies, over 80 institutional investors, over 400 civil society organisations.

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