"Unlocking EITI Data for Meaningful Reforms"

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 - at 9:00 AM Washington DC Time

Speaker: Marie Lintzer (Natural Resource Governance Institute)

Discussants: Anders Kråkenes (EITI International Secretariat) and Andrew Brian Schloeffel (World Bank Group)

Facilitator: Nima Fallah (World Bank Group)

While the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) has successfully increased transparency in the extractive sector over the last ten years, data from its reports are often under-utilised by global and in-country actors. If this challenge is overcome, EITI reports could inform much more to policymaking and public debate, and thereby contribute to better governance and accountability in the oil, gas and mining sector. One major barrier to using EITI data is the PDF format of most EITI reports. This makes it difficult to extract the data and conduct analysis. Open data formats like Excel or CSV can benefit all stakeholders by facilitating analysis that can answer pressing questions and potentially improve sector policies. To make EITI data more accessible, NRGI has collected information from 223 EITI reports published by 37 countries up until February 2015. It has also created visualization tools based on the dataset to help put extractive sector revenues in perspective across countries and years. NRGI will present the dataset, its uses and accompanying visualizations during the webinar.

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