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Joined EITI in 2018
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Last updated 17 February 2021


The EITI Board received the Netherlands' EITI candidature application in April 2018. On 28 June 2018, the Board accepted The Netherlands' application. 

The Netherlands has been closely involved with the EITI since its inception. The country faces changing circumstances in its gas sector. The government is phasing out gas production at the Groningen field by 2030 as part of efforts to reduce the impact of small but damaging earthquakes.

With regards to mainstreaming the EITI and systematically disclose EITI data, a considerable amount of information is already publicly available, including company disclosures in accordance with the EU Accounting and Transparency Directives. However, not all data required to reconcile payments are publicly accessible. Their first EITI Report will reconcile government and company data and explore opportunities to improve disclosure practices.

Beneficial ownership disclosure

Since the Netherlands is an EU member state, beneficial ownership disclosure will depend on the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive. The Directive requires that beneficial ownership registers for legal entities, such as companies, will be public. Member States have up to 18 months to transpose these new rules in their national legislation.