Германия провозглашает решение о полном внедрении ИПДО

Сегодня правительство Германии выпустило следующее сообщение для прессы.

July 2, 2014 the Cabinet of Ministers of the German Federal Government decided to prepare for the full implementation of the Initiative Extractive Industries Transparency (EITI) in Germany (EITI Germany). Uwe Bekmayer, Parliamentary Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, was appointed Special Representative of the EITI Germany.

Bekmayera comment: "Germany for a long time, dating back to 2003, supports the EITI and has the political and financial support for the development and dissemination of this standard in developing countries and emerging markets around the world. We are aware that Germany does not belong to the major mining countries, which was originally intended EITI. The share of the mining industry accounts for less than 1% of German GDP. However, the recognition and strengthening of the EITI in line with our strategic interests. The decision to implement the initiative reflects our obligations under the G7. Working together, we want to improve the management of natural resources, extending it across borders, to create an international field for companies and make better use of natural resource wealth for the benefit of the people. "

Referring to the inner meaning of the initiative for the country Bekmayer said: "We will try to harmonize the national EITI implementation in view of recent EU regulations on accountability and transparency. But Germany is prepared to go beyond transparency. We want to apply a successful model for the management of the EITI multi-stakeholder stakeholders to create new partnerships between stakeholder groups in the natural resources sector. "

Clare Short, Chair of the EITI Board, said:

The decision of the German government to implement the EITI standard confirms that it commits itself to fulfill the same high standards of transparency, what it expects from other countries. 

From the earliest days of the EITI, the German government has been a staunch supporter and advocate of global action to improve the management of natural resources. His decision to implement the EITI standard indicates that the country requires a the same high standards of transparency and accountability, which it expects other countries. It takes action to ensure good governance throughout the process of natural resource management. I also hope that this leadership will follow Germany Eastern Europe, not least in those countries that spend a significant transit operations and production of energy.

According to a press release from the Government, are currently planned measures to prepare for a formal application for candidate status EITI. Until then, in July 2014 would be held on a round table with representatives of the private sector and civil society in Germany. They will be open to the public.

For more information about EITI Germany refer to the International EITI Secretariat  ( secretariat@eiti.org )  or the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (buero-ivb2@bmwi.bund.de), Germany .