Tax revenue from Mongolia’s mining: US$330 per Mongolian

With a population of 2.8 million people, Mongolia collected US $330per person from its oil and mining resources, shows the country's 2010 EITI report that was released on Tuesday 8 May.

The report released by Prime Minister Mr Batbold reveals that the government of Mongolia collected a total of US $913,8 million in taxes and other payments from the top tax paying companies in 2010.

Shedding light on payments to environmental rehabilitation

Zambia's second EITI Report shows high growth in its mining sector

Zambia published today, 30 March, its 2009 EITI Report in Lusaka, disclosing the payments from mining companies to the government in 2009. The government received more than US$500 million from the mining sector

The figures in the report are broken down by the 28 companies that have reported payments. The reported revenue is up almost 50% from the 2008 report, when 16 companies reported their payments.

Mozambique discloses mining and gas revenues for 2009

Today, 30 March, Mozambique launched its 2009 EITI Report in Quilemane in Zambezia Province, disclosing payments made to the government from companies extracting natural resources. The government received a total of just under US$40 million from their extractives sector in 2009: US$15m from mining and US$25m from hydrocarbons.

The net discrepancy between what companies report to have paid and what the government reports to have received was negligible (0.06%),

DR Congo unveils mining and oil revenue for 2008 and 2009

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has disclosed this month what the government has received from oil and mining companies operating in the country during 2008 and 2009. The government received a total of US$ 771 million from their oil and mining industries, but significant and unexplained discrepancies were found between reported figures from the companies and the government - both in the industrial and artisanal mining sectors.