RSS feeds

RSS ("really simple syndication") is a way of seeing new content on a website without having to visit the website to look for it.

Our RSS feeds provide alerts on specific topics:

PageDescriptionRSS feed
NewsNews items

BlogsBlogs from EITI staff and external contributors

PublicationsPublication from our countries or ourselves, or research on the EITI.

Summary dataThe EITI re-publishes the data from EITI Reports that implementing countries submit to the International Secretariat in structured and open format. You can receive an alert when a new data set has been uploaded. It will be available on our google drive and through the API.

Filter by country

For every feed, you can also do a country specific one by adding the two-digit (ISO) country code

For example, to filter the news feed with Albania


To follow an RSS feed:

  1. Select an RSS reader. There are a number of free readers, including RSS features built into email programs, RSS extensions for web browsers, dedicated RSS software programs and RSS-to-email services. Search for a reader based on the email program, web browser or computer you use.
  2. Follow the instructions to set up the reader, including copying and pasting the address of the feed you want to follow into the reader.
  3. How to add RSS feeds to outlook.