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February, 2020

Board paper: Accelerating systematic disclosure

Board Paper 46-4-B for the Board's decision on establishing a pilot to accelerate systematic disclosures in EITI countries. The Board decided to adopt the Implementation Committees recommendations (decision 2020-07/BM-46)


The Implementation Committee recommends that the Board reviews progress with encouraging systematic disclosure. The Implementation Committee has assessed the progress made in implementing the recommendations agreed in February 2018. The Committee’s main finding is that implementing countries have made limited progress with systematic disclosures.

Further effort is needed to accelerate this work in 2020. In accordance with the 2020 work plan, the International Secretariat is undertaking a wide range of implementation support activities to reframe and reenergize MSG discussions regarding systematic disclosure. The Secretariat is also addressing the demand from implementing countries to strengthen EITI reporting and reduce costs by fostering peer learning and best practice.

The Implementation Committee recommends that the Board establishes a pilot, overseen by the Implementation Committee. The International Secretariat would work with interested MSGs to develop alternative approaches to EITI reporting based on collating and analysing systematically disclosed data. The pilot would consider a wide range of context and conditions, encouraging MSGs to become active agents in using data to undertake analysis, influence decision makers and direct information to wider set of users. Several implementing countries have expressed an interest in developing these approaches.

Table of Contents

  1. Recommendation 
  2. Summary 
  3. Background 
  4. Review of implementation of recommendations 
  5. Barriers to systematic disclosures 
  6. Accelerating systematic disclosures and piloting alternative approaches