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Supporting countries contributions for 2017

Supporting countries contributions for 2017


For the year 2017, the EITI International Management (International Board, Chair and Secretariat) has received funding from the following supporting countries:

NamePurposeUSD thousands
AustraliaCore funding270
BelgiumCore funding24
CanadaCore funding103
ChadCore funding10
Côte d'IvoireCorefunding10
DenmarkCore funding300
DenmarkBeneficial Ownership150
European CommissionCore funding308
FinlandCore funding196
FranceCore funding69
GermanyCore funding215
GuineaCore funding10
MalawiCore funding10
MongoliaCore funding10
NetherlandsCore funding254
NorwayCore funding388
Papua New GuineaCore funding10
SwedenCore funding295
Switzerland - SECOCore funding246
Switzerland - SECOCommodity Trading189
TajikistanCore funding10
Timor LesteCore funding25
TogoCore funding10
United Kingdom - DFIDCore funding472
United Kingdom - DFID Commodity Trading59
United Kingdom - DFID Beneficial ownership501

As of 31 March 2018. 

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