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Tullow Oil

Tullow Oil is a leading oil and gas exploration and production company working across Africa and South America. It is listed in the UK, Ireland and Ghana. Tullow Oil was one of the first extractives to publicly declare all its payments to governments in the countries in which it operates.

Tullow Oil fully supports the aims and objectives of EITI and is strongly committed to acting with transparency in everything it does. Tullow has declared all its payments to governments since 2014, which has actively helped citizens in the countries in which Tullow Oil works to hold governments and institutions to account.

Dorothy Thompson Executive Chair, Tullow Oil

Engagement with the EITI

Tullow Oil is actively involved in the EITI implementation process in several countries where it operates. The company is part of the multi-stakeholder group in Ghana and is a member of the EITI national committee in Mauritania. Tullow participates in and contributes to local civil society meetings where the EITI Standard is being implemented.  

In 2019, Tullow contributed to Suriname's EITI candidature application by assisting in the development of the terms of reference for the multi-stakeholder group consultations and advising on different aspects of the process. The company attended and contributed to EITI's eighth global conference in 2019 and highlighted their support for contract transparency which will be required by the EITI from 2021.

Strengthening transparency

Tullow believes that transparency regarding payments to governments is an important way to promote honesty in the industry, mitigate corruption and support inclusive development. In 2019, the company further the clarity of their payment disclosures by using a common basis for reporting across different countries. Read more about Tullow's practices in strengthening transparency on Tullow's website

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