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The Government of Denmark supoports the EITI through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Danish Foreign Service aims to safeguard and pursue Denmark’s international interests as well as manage and coordinate foreign policy and foreign economic external relations. This includes Denmark's participation in the European Union, international organisations and international development cooperation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (MFA) will continue to support anti-corruption initiatives in bilateral country programmes by strengthening public financial management including domestic control systems, supreme audit institutions, anti-corruption agencies and ombudsman institutions. MFA will apply zero tolerance towards corruption in line with its Anti-Corruption Policy and its Code of Conduct that is applicable to all staff working in the MFA.

Statement of support

Engagement with the EITI

Denmark became an EITI supporting country in 2009. The core institutional funding from 2019-2022 from Denmark’s development cooperation (Danida) funds the operations of the EITI Secretariat as part of a broader anti-corruption programme of 100 Million DKK. Support for implementation focusses on ensuring that implementing countries make progress under the EITI Standard and harness the EITI as a tool to improve the governance of their natural resources.

International Engagement 

The Danish government is committed to an ambitious follow-up to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) both nationally and internationally. Denmark is convinced that attaining SDG 16.5 and other corruption-related goals are key to the efforts to achieve all of the SDGs. This statement thus has concrete commitments that aim to ensure that Denmark acts with the highest standards of transparency, accountability, inclusiveness and integrity both at home and abroad. In line with the Danish action plan for the Sustainable Development Golds (SDGs), the goal is to maintain Denmark’s position as one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

In an international context, Denmark stands as an open society known for safeguarding democracy and having an efficient and effective public sector. These factors constitute a strong system of integrity against corruption. Denmark is committed to closing any loopholes that may go against maintaining and strengthening this position.

The Government of Denmark has presented a new four-year anti-corruption programme as part of the Danish development cooperation which will run from 2019 - 2022. The programme will provide support for UN agencies, international NGOs and private sector initiatives. A total of DKK 8 Million is planned in support of the EITI International Secretariat in this period. The expected outcome is that more countries will adopt the EITI Standard and more countries implementing the EITI Standard will make progress to deepen and widen the disclosure of extractive industry information.

EITI focal contact: Jonas Henriques, Senior Advisor Deb, IMG/SDR, Anti-corruption, Tax & DRM, Department for Multilateral Cooperation & Policy.

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