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Ukraine EITI celebrates a decade of extractives transparency

Since joining the EITI in 2013, Ukraine EITI continues to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to extractive sector transparency

Ukraine EITI this month marks a significant milestone, celebrating 10 years since it joined the EITI. Ukraine has emerged as a leader in the EITI community, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to enhancing the availability of extractive data, fostering collaboration and dialogue among stakeholders, and addressing local concerns through a decade of dedicated efforts.

The country’s 10-year anniversary is being celebrated with a high-profile event in Kyiv, convening stakeholders to reflect on successes of Ukraine’s EITI implementation and explore opportunities for further progress.

In a virtual address, Rt Hon. Helen Clark, Chair of the EITI Board, congratulated Ukraine EITI for its resilience and commitment to transparency, especially in the face of Russia's invasion: "Despite living through such challenging circumstances, Ukraine EITI has remained a staunch advocate of the EITI and has been unstinting in its willingness to share its expertise and experience in EITI implementation with others.”

EITI’s Executive Director Mark Robinson, said: "Ukraine EITI’s progress in overcoming challenges and constraints has been impressive. The multi-stakeholder group continues to operate effectively, consistently delivering timely EITI Reports and working to identify new and innovative ways for disclosures to stimulate public debate and deliver greater impact."

Over the past decade, Ukraine has harnessed the EITI platform to increase the accessibility of extractive data and strengthen collaboration and dialogue between the central government, companies and local authorities and communities. Civil society organisations such as the DiXi Group and the International Renaissance Foundation have been active participants in the EITI process, playing a pivotal role in holding the government accountable for revenue management.

Notable achievements over the years include the passing of Law 2545-VIII in September 2018, which established legal principles for the collection, disclosure and dissemination of data in Ukraine's extractive industries. In January 2018, Ukraine enacted a law that allocated extractive revenue shares to local government budgets in areas hosting extractive activities.

In February 2021, the Ministry of Energy introduced an online data portal to simplify company disclosures and improve data timeliness and accessibility. In December 2021, the parliament passed a draft law to increase transparency and accountability in the extractive sector, focusing on comprehensive contract disclosure, thus reinforcing the EITI's goals.

Another significant achievement has Ukraine's pioneering role in disclosing beneficial ownership information. In 2015, Ukraine became one of the first EITI countries to establish a publicly accessible beneficial ownership register, aligning with the country’s broader anti-corruption agenda.

In recognition of its outstanding commitment to the EITI and its commendable progress in the face of adversity, Ukraine EITI was awarded the EITI Chair Award in 2023. This award reflects the country's remarkable journey and its role as a leading implementer of the EITI, not only regionally but also on the global stage.