Webinar: How can EITI promote open data?

Consultation: How can EITI promote open data?
Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - 9:00 AM Washington DC Time

Introduction: Sam Bartlett, Technical Director, EITI International Secretariat
Discussants: World Bank Group, To be confirmed
Moderator: Anders Kråkenes, EITI International Secretariat

About the webinar:
The EITI invites stakeholders to comment on how the EITI should promote open data through implementation of the EITI Standard. Join this webinar to have your say.

The EITI Board has tasked the International Secretariat with preparing a policy paper on open EITI data. The paper which will be considered by the EITI Board in October 2015 will draw on international best practice. The Board has also tasked the Secretariat, in consultation with stakeholders, to draft a framework for developing open EITI data standards for consideration by the Board. Additional details on the background for this work are provided at www.eiti.org/consultation-open-eiti-data.

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