EITI Data Storytelling Bootcamp

EITI, Omidyar Network, UNEP, World Bank and IMF, invite EITI stakeholders to a data storytelling bootcamp. The goal of the bootcamp is  - in line with the Conference theme of transitioning “From Reports to Results” - to share experiences and to work together to put the growing amount of EITI data to use. The longer-term objectives are to demonstrate that disclosing EITI Reports as Open Data leads to a range of benefits for all stakeholders, and to develop a community of data storytellers and Open Data experts in the EITI countries.

Participants of the Data Storytelling Bootcamp will get an introduction to of a range of EITI data projects during the morning, get to know them better and then finally select one workstream. After lunch, the participants of each workstream will sit together and develop a story, a concept, a visual or another kind of product that will be demonstrated in the final session.


09:00 Registration

10:00 Morning session
Opening by Jonas Moberg, EITI
Introductions to the workstreams
Chose your workstream

12:15 Lunch

13:15 Data bootcamp session opens
See presentation of the work streams

Workstream 1: EITI summary data template, national revenue streams and cross-country comparisons
Workstream 2: Learn how to do financial modeling in the public space
Workstream 3: Unlocking, Visualizing and Using EITI data for Decision Making: the MAP-X initiative
Workstream 4: Philippines EITI Open Contracts Portal
Workstream 5: Application of User-centered Design Process to Create a Web-based Report
Workstream 6: DataViz and the Extractives
Workstream 7: Plugging into Government Systems to provide EITI data – Using the RDx data exchange tool
Workstream 8: The ingredients of an open data investigation for the extractives industries
Workstream 9: User testing of the new EITI website

Additional workstreams to be added closer to the event.

15:45 Break

16:15 Demos, Q&A and reflections
Demos from the workstreams and final reflections by

  • Andrew Clarke, Omidyar Network
  • Alberto Jimenez de Lucio, IMF
  • Martin Lokanc, the World Bank
  • Alessandra Ordenes, PHEITI
  • Sam Bartlett, EITI (moderator)

17:45 Panel debate and discussion: EITI Data to Development - The Importance of Public Interest Financial Modeling
Organised by CCSI, IBIS, IMF and OpenOil. Introductions by

  • Perrine Toledano, CCSI
  • Benjamin Boakye, ACEP
  • Peter Mullins, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF
  • Johnny West, OpenOil
  • Morten Blomqvist, IBIS (facilitator)

19:15 Ends


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Presentation of the workstreams

The EITI Open Data Policy