EITI Guidance note 12
Тип публикации: 
Guidance note
Published Date: 
May, 2016

Guidance note 12 on Summary EITI Reports

Requirements 7.1.c, 7.2.a and b 

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EITI Reports can be an important source of information on how a country’s natural resources are managed.

However, the subject matter is often complex and technical, which can be challenging to present in an understandable way, especially for non-specialists. Some early EITI Reports have proved to be difficult for citizens, journalists and other stakeholders to understand and make use of.

In order to realise the benefits from the EITI, and to meet the requirements in the EITI Standard, implementing countries are advised to devote time and resources toward ensuring that the EITI Reports are readily comprehensible.


  • Introduction
  • More than a condensation: the central tool for informing and influencing public discourse
  • Checklist
  • Examples of good practices