EITI Consultation
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Concluded consultations
Published Date: 
July, 2015

Consultation on EITI International Governance

This consultation is concluded.

EITI International Governance Review: Invitation to provide input

The final report related to the consultation can be found here.

1. Invitation to provide input

The Board of the EITI has commissioned a consortium of consultants to carry out a Governance Review of the EITI at the global level.  EITI stakeholders are invited to get in touch with lead consultant, Sefton Darby, for any input into the review. Views are welcome throughout July.  Should you have any concerns / questions, please get in touch with Shemshat at the Secretariat.

2.  Background

This review will broadly look at how the Board, Board Committees and the Secretariat are working to see if there are any ways in which the governance institutions:

  • can better represent different constituencies (governments, companies and civil society);
  • can support decision making more effectively; and
  • can link more effectively with country-level EITI implementation. 

See the Terms of Reference for Governance Review attached below.

3. The Consultants

The following consultants have been commissioned to undertake the review:

  • Sefton Darby, who is based in New Zealand.  He has had a long involvement with EITI and has worked for a variety of governments, companies and NGOs.  Most recently this has included working as a senior mining sector regulator; working in a site-based management role for a mining company; and serving on the local board of Transparency International.  
  • Negbalee Warner, based in Liberia, is a senior partner in a law firm and has worked for a variety of companies, NGOs and for the Liberian Government, including as head of the Liberia EITI Secretariat for three years. 
  • Frenky Simanjuntak is based in Indonesia and is an experienced researcher with a background in civil society.  Most recently he was the Manager of Economic Governance for Transparency International Indonesia.