Guidance on transportation revenues (4.4)

In some countries, revenues from the transit of oil, gas and minerals play an important role in the economy. Income from the transport of oil, natural gas and minerals en route to their ultimate market destinations can be difficult to track and therefore vulnerable to misuse or corruption.

The EITI Standard states that where revenues from the transportation of oil, gas and minerals are material, the government and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are expected to disclose the revenues received. 

Examples from countries

Besides the examples that can be found in the guidance note, following countries are worth highlighting:


The country covers transportation revenues in its 2015 EITI Report, on pp 69. 

Their summary report visualises the data in form of infographics (see pp. 24).

Source: Ukraine 2014-2015 summary EITI Report - English, available here.


EITI 2014 Report, pp. 18 and pp. 36 (in French)


2014 Report, also lists ownership of transportation company (p. 101)


The above mentioned guidance note contains a case study on the coverage of revenues from the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline in EITI Reports