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Register of EITI Board decisions
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February, 2018

The Board noted that the Kyrgyz Republic did not publish its 2015 EITI Report by the 31 December 2017 deadline.

Date: 13.02.208

Reference: 2018-9-J/BM-39/BP-39-4-C


The EITI Board notes that the Kyrgyz Republic did not publish the 2015 EITI Report by the deadline of 31 December 2017 and did not submit an extension request.

Recognising that the Kyrgyz Republic is currently suspended due to having achieved insufficient progress during Validation, the EITI Board calls upon the government to ensure progress with the corrective actions, including the publication of an EITI Report that meets requirement 4.8 on timely EITI Reporting (i.e. a 2016 EITI Report), by the time of the second Validation commencing 8 September 2018.

Where: 39th Board meeting in Oslo, Norway

Based onEITI Requirement 8.2 on EITI reporting deadlines

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Keywords: Kyrgyz Republic, no extension request


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