EITI Secretariat
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Analysis by the EITI
Published Date: 
April, 2017

How EITI implementation contributes to domestic resource mobilisation

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The brief provides examples from many of the 51 EITI member countries of how they have used their implementation of the EITI Standard to boost domestic resource mobilisation. While progress is being made, the brief concludes by setting out further ways in which countries can make use of the EITI to mobilise domestic resources.

The EITI contributes to domestic resource mobilisation by:

  1. Improving tax administration.
  2. Identifying practices that could undermine taxation.
  3. Fostering dialogue about fiscal policies and reforms.

This raises the opportunities to:

  • Investigate concerns, challenges and opportunities related to the content of fiscal policies, planned reforms, and tax administration.
  • Implementing reform recommendations from EITI reporting that seek to address gaps in tax policies and tax collection practices.
  • Provide public access to the fiscal terms governing each extractive project.
  • Disclose data on taxes and revenues disaggregated by each individual oil, gas and mining project
  • Implement beneficial ownership transparency in the oil, gas and mining sector.