Le Pérou et la Mauritanie déclarés pays Conformes à l’ITIE

Peru and Mauritania were this week found to be in compliance with the EITI standard. The EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) is the global standard that ensures accountability and transparency of the revenues from a country’s extractive sector. The international EITI Board announced that the two countries have been accepted as “EITI Compliant” at its meeting at Wiston House in the United Kingdom. 

Правление ИПДО примет решение в отношении статуса по ИПДО для восьми стран

Далее Правлением ИПДО будет принято решение в отношении принятия Индонезии и Того в качестве стран-кандидатов ИПДО. и Того приняли обязательство по публикации сведений обо всех платежах, поступающих из добывающих секторов, и могут стать 32-й и 33-й странами в случае принятия Правлением ИПДО их заявлений на получение статуса «страна-кандидат ИПДО».

5-й Глобальной конференции ИПДО, которая состоится в Париже 2-3 марта 2011 года. В ходе проведения Глобальной конференции ИПДО руководители прав

The EITI Board meets to decide on status of first wave of EITI countries

The International EITI Board is holding its 12th meeting in Berlin on 15-16 April. At the meeting, the Board will take stock of progress in the 32 countries that are currently implementing the EITI standard. The first 22 countries to become EITI Candidate countries have recently passed their original deadlines for completing EITI Validation Liberia and Azerbaijan have already completed EITI Validation and have become

EITI Board approves Guinea’s request for voluntary suspension

Guinea has voluntarily suspended its EITI Candidate status in the EITI starting from 19 December 2009, following the EITI Board's approval. The Government of Guinea and the EITI Guinea Steering Committee in Guinea had unanimously made this request in view of the difficult political situation in the country. Meanwhile, they informed the Board of their intention to continue unilateral EITI implementation during suspension. Guinea’s Candidate status will be suspended for up to one year.

Liberia designated EITI Compliant by the EITI Board

BAKU, 15 OCTOBER 2009  The Board of the EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) held its 10th meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan on 14-15 October 2009. During the meeting the Board designated Liberia as EITI Compliant, stating: “The Board congratulates the Government of Liberia and all the other stakeholders on the impressive progress made implementing the EITI. “

44th Board meeting

This is the first Board meeting of the newly appointed EITI Board (2019-2022).

Agenda and minutes will be published here. Follow the meeting on Twitter with #EITIParis19

Pictures of the Board meeting on Flickr (to follow)

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