EITI Strategy Review 2011-2013

This stratgey review process was launched in August 2011. The main outcome was the EITI Standard which was agreed at the EITI Global Conference in Sydney, 23-24 May 2013. The EITI Standard has been developed by the international EITI Board in extensive consultation with stakeholders from governments, companies and civil society. The Board formed a Strategy Working Group (SWG) in June 2011 that was tasked to prepare recommendations to the Board on how the EITI  could be improved. Over the past two years, the Board and the SWG have considered numerous proposals from EITI stakeholders for shaping the future of the EITI.  The proposals and work of the SWG in developing the EITI Standard is available below.


Strategy working group

  • The EITI Rules: The Principles, Criteria and Requirements; and Validation;
  • Use of data from EITI reports in public dialogue;
  • Possible links with related reforms in implementing countries;
  • Technical assistance provision, governance and organisation;
  • The findings from the evaluation of EITI; and
  • Proposals and feedback from partneres and from the public consultation on EITI strategy.

The working group consiststed of members from all stakeholder groups. See the Terms of Reference of the working group listed below.